Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Scaling up for safety: standardising the lessons learnt from a hip fracture quality improvement programme

Hip fracture is common – almost 65, 000 people were admitted to hospital with a fractured hip in 2015. Nearly a third of those who fracture their hip will die within a year and a fifth of patients won’t return to their own home.

High quality, safe, care requires the co-ordinated effort of a multidisciplinary team and the implementation of best practice, evidence-based care.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has been running a successful hip fracture quality improvement programme, known as HIP QIP, for the past five years. It has involved establishing a multi-disciplinary audit framework, prioritising additional nutrition for hip fracture patients, implementing a surgical care bundle, pain block in A&E and surgery within 36 hours.

This has led to hip fracture patients having better outcomes, gaining faster access to information, imaging and surgery, receiving better pain management and access to early physiotherapy seven days a week.

The project will replicate the learning from HIP QIP by supporting four other hospital trusts who have been identified as needing to improve the quality of hip fracture care they are providing to patients.

By doing this, the project aims to help these hospitals to provide high quality hip fracture care, implement national standards and improve patient experience.



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