Barts Health NHS Trust

Scaling up the use of outpatient video consultations

Barts Health NHS Trust is working in partnership with the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford; East London and City (WELC) Clinical Commissioning Groups; Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; NHS England and Microsoft to scale up the use of outpatient video consultations in the NHS.

Research has shown that using remote video outpatient consultations rather than face-to-face reviews can increase patient attendance rates, improve outcomes and provide more patient-centred care. However, implementing such services within routine practice in the NHS is challenging.

RUBIS.Qi is working with The Health Foundation to support the team at Barts Health create a virtual consultation unit and scale up the national roll-out of virtual consultations by supporting sites who are interested in using this type of consultation.

The unit will provide:

  • clinical, technical, management and administrative expertise;
  • demonstration clinics so that teams can observe virtual consultations in real time;
  • workshops;
  • an online forum and resource directory.

The project team’s ultimate aim is to create a national network of sites which can learn from each other’s experiences. Working with national-level decision-makers, the project team also aims to develop a national policy around the use of video consultations, including a tariff, technology, governance and staff training. The team will also work with a technology provider to test the various options for web consultations.

For more information

Project manager: Joanne Morris joanne.morris@nhsnet

Project lead: Dr Shanti Vijayaraghavan, consultant physician diabetes and endocrinology at Newham University Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust

RUBIS.Qi improvement coach: Annie Laverty

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