NHS Southwark CCG

Scaling up a clinical effectiveness model to drive up quality in general practice

RUBIS.Qi is working with the Health Foundation to support NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and their partners to scale up a clinical effectiveness model to 38 GP practices and their 300,000 patients in Southwark.

The model aims to drive up quality, improve outcomes for patients and reduce variation in general practice.

The team will be undertaking a number of clinical improvement initiatives (over a two-year period) covering a range of clinical areas, starting with atrial fibrillation.

For more than 20 years a clinical effectiveness group in East London has played a major role in improving health care in three of the UK’s most deprived borough by using a change model of ‘belief, act and motivate’. By using this model, the group has helped the area become the UK’s highest performer over a wide range of GP quality indicators.

Southwark CCG and partners have studied these experiences in order to refine and deliver their own localised model and will use a package of aligned quality improvement interventions to improve outcomes for patients by making the right thing to do, the easy thing to do for busy GPs.

The CCG is working in partnership with Quay Health Solutions and Improving Health Limited, two Southwark GP federations; Queen Mary University of London; Healthwatch Southwark; King’s Health Partners; Health Innovation Network South London; and the Department of Primary Care and Public Health Sciences, King’s College London.

Project manager: Nick Harris nick.harris@nhs.net

Project lead: Kark Kewley, director of transformation and performance at Southwark CCG 

RUBIS.Qi improvement coach: Suzie Bailey

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